It’s all about balance!  When you get a group of fun loving people together in beautiful exotic locations, partying is simply a product of this’s science! However, this is certainly not the focus of our tripswe believe it is just as important to be consumed by the surrounding environment and take in the culture around you, as it is to let loose and challenge someone to a dance-off at the bar!  

All of our trips visit destinations that provide a lot of opportunities to mix things up. If you’re not going for the party you will have no problem having a great time staying active doing other things. The great thing about group travel is that there is almost always someone in the group who feelsl like doing something different! Every traveler is coming along for different reasons, and we realize this, so we plan our trips so you can party-hearty if that’s your thing or you can spend your days lounging or going off on cool adventures.

Sometimes we plan parties for our groups in different destinations (like themed costume parties or scavenger hunts), but they’re never parties where drinking is forced upon you or is necessary in order to enjoy yourself and have a great time. If you’re worried about your trip being too focused on partying, stop worrying!  We’ve developed the perfect recipe, mixing a cup of amazing people, a dash of partying, a shot of adventure—shake well and add’ve got yourself an amazing adventure ahead!