Traveling with any allergy can be a bit of a pain, but is never an excuse not to travel. Whether you are allergic to peanuts, wheat, pickles or cupcakes, you can still travel and have a great time!

First and foremost, we find it the most useful to head to the website Killer Peanut. Here you can enter your allergy and have it translated to the local language of the country you are visiting so that when you are buying or ordering food you have a print out that states your allergy. The person processing your order can confirm the allergy and rest assure you’ll avoid those pesky allergenic foods. Please take a look at other tips for traveling with allergies:

1) If required bring an epi-pen and carry it with you at all times. Be sure to notify your leader that you are carrying and let them know any special instructions for its use.  Your group leader will be able to help you out finding where to keep it cold at each destination.

2) Make sure you are informing other people in the group that you have an allergy and where to find your medication. This way, if anything were to happen they would know what to do. The most important person to communicate this with is the group leader. Regardless of whether or not your leader speaks the native language they will always be able to direct you to someone who can help you get the allergy written out and translated to avoid any potential problems!

Be sure to let us know about any health problems when you sign up so that we can properly take care of you and ensure you have an accident-free adventure!