In Thailand there is a rainy season. However, the 2 separate coasts in Thailand experience different weather patterns so that the West coast experiences a higher chance of rain between May and November, and the East Coast has a higher chance of rain between September and March. So we appropriatley stagger our trips to try and get you as much sunshine as possible! For example, on our May trips we visit 2-3 places on the West Coast and 3-4 places on the East Coast to minimize our chance of rain. We still go to both coasts however, because a little rain doesn't take away from the experience of being there.

Also we would like to emphasize the words 'a higher chance.' Most of the time the weather is great! And if it does rain, it’s a warm shower, and it’s typically short bursts that go as quickly as they come. Thailand is so much more than just sitting on the beach, and with so many activities you'll always find you are busy having fun regardless of what the weather is like. And it’s a pretty cool experience when all of a sudden the sun disappears, the clouds come over, and you see a tropical storm come pouring down for 20 minutes before it's gone, the sun comes back out, and your day goes on.

We strategically plan all our IndonesiaNicaragua, Greece, and Turkey trips around each country's typical rainy season to ensure we have as many sun filled days as possible, so if you join us on one of these adventures the likelihood of rain is minimal! Keep in mind though that we’re not meteorologists so there is no way to accurately predict Mother Nature.

The Philippines and Vietnam also experience a ‘rainy’ season but we have planned our routing during your trip to avoid this as much as possible. Nonetheless, the weather is unpredictable and even though we have taken these measures and have tried to avoid the rain as much as possible you still might get rained on! Having said this, we can almost guarantee that you are going to experience more sunshine and great weather than rain during your trip!

So basically, we’ve planned accordingly to ensure that you can come on a trip and it will be GREAT – regardless of Mother Nature’s plan you’re guaranteed to go home with a tan (or burn) that all your friends will be jealous of!