We pride ourselves on being a part of the ethical treatment of animals in tourism. Over the past 10 years, a lot has changed in this sector of tourism. While elephant rides are still popular – with elephants commonly taking 2-3 people on their back for rides through the jungle – it has become common knowledge that this practic is very detrimental to the elephants themselves. 

So we decided that it was best to witness these creatures in an environment that sees them treated kindly and ethically. For example, on our LTC trip we stay in a village where elephants have been rescued or retired from the logging industry. Every night they are let loose to wander through the jungle, and in the morning we get to go and find them to feed them and bathe them in the river. It's an incredibly humbling experience and doesn't cause them stress. This type of tourism is far better then visiting any animal in a zoo. You know these elephants are properly cared for, given lots of free time and are living a good life, and you're not contributing to an industry that is harming these majestic creatures.