You might think that showing 20 people around a beautiful, tropical country might be your dream job but not everyone will fit the requirements of being a great Free & Easy trip leader. Each leader has to go through a rigorous training session for months before actually getting the role and title of 'trip leader.'

These training sessions involve numerous experiments with regards to the quality of sand, weather & temperature in different areas around the globe to make certain our trip members receive the most sunshine and soft sand for their hard earned dollars, food & beverage testing to ensure maximum deliciousness, and hours of pillow punching at numerous bungalows/huts to guarantee ultimate comfort. As well, they are often woken up at random times of the morning and forced to pack their bags, gather twenty people up, get them on a boat, bus, train or plane (whether the people want to leave or not) in order to get to the next epic destination while ensuring everyone has all their belongings, travel friends and a smile on their face.

It is a tough job and only a select few people will make the cut but if you are interested...let us know and we'll keep our eye out for you during your trip! We’re proud of our team of leaders in the sense that we are all travelers who have extensive travel experience and we love having the opportunity to share our travel knowledge with our group members!