Depending on which adventure you are doing with us your visa requirements will be different. The following visa requirements apply to all CANADIAN travelers. If you are not a Canadian citizen please check your destination's visa requirements for your place of citizenship.

For Thailand you will need to get a 60-day Thai Tourist Visa for your 40-day trip while still in Canada. By doing this you’re not only saving yourself the hassle of getting an extension during your trip but also some cash. If you're only doing a 20-day trip, you won't need a Tourist Visa. More information on getting your 60-day Thai Tourist Visa is available here.

In the Philippines the process of getting a visa extension is very simple and cheap. Which means, there is no need to worry about getting a tourist travel visa to the Philippines before you leave on your epic trip!

For our trips to Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, and Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Nicaragua and South Africa you will be issued visas upon arrival in the country. Please note though that there may be a Visa fee for these destinations. This will be specified in your 'Trip Preparation' guide located under the 'Extra Info' tab on your trip account page on the FnEZ website.

For our Vietnam trip, the process is a bit different. You will have to apply online before your departure, print out the receipt, bring it with you, and then you are issued your visa upon arrival .

It is your own responsibility to make sure you comply with the entry requirements for the country/countries you are traveling to. Please check with the country/countries consulate in your country of residence for visa/entry requirements.