Signing up is easy. Simply fill out the online registration found on our website under the ‘BOOK NOW’ section.  Fill in the blanks as required and before you know it the first step towards your adventure is complete! 

If you don’t have certain information on hand – things like passport info, or trip insurance information – no worries! Just leave it blank and you can come back to it later. Once we receive your registration, and you secure it with a $200 deposit, you will gain access to ‘Your Trip Account.’  In here you’ll find some awesome information regarding your trip and you will be able to make payments towards your trip using the Payment Gateway. 

Head to the tab labelled ‘Extra Info’ and you can download your Trip Preparation Guide. In it you will find the necessary information for your trip, such as packing lists, visa specifics, cultural info and more! Your trip account is also your gateway to communication from Free & Easy regarding the finer points of your trip. Thirty days prior to departure we will post an introduction to your leaders as well as your exact trip itinerary.  From there, it’s just a matter of sitting back and anxiously waiting for your Epic Adventure to begin!