You're not alone...A LOT of people decide to travel on their own. On any given trip about 50% of the group will be made up of solo travelers! It's a great way to travel, to be on your own schedule, and to do what you want when you want rather then having to consider what your BFF wants to do. 

Otherwise, the rest of those coming on a trip tend to come with 1 or 2 friends.  Everyone who joins a trip is PUMPED for travel, so it’s only a matter of time before the group has all become one big family! From past experience, the people who were concerned about this were pleasantly surprised by how quickly and easily they made friends with the other group members. 

Once you have registered for one of our trips, a Facebook group will be created by your trip leaders 30 days before departure, giving everyone a chance to chat it up and get to know one another before heading out. This way people can also get to know who will be coming from which cities and can organize a meet up at the airport or pre-trip drinks.

We think that joining a Free & Easy on your own is an ideal way to travel – you have the benefits of making a ton of new friends to hang out with, but you are never really obliged to hang out with that one person all the time.