Cancelling anything sucks.  Sometimes you want to do it...but more times than not cancelling a trip like this comes out of necessity. Whether it’s work and your boss is riding you too hard, a new love in your life, medical reasons or financially the trip is no longer feasible, we have set up a cancellation process that allows for flexibility. So if the time to travel isn't now, we’ll set you up to make things easier to travel in the future.  Just send us an email inquiry and we’ll explain it all to you, but guaranteed we’ll maximize your credit with us in the end, because ultimately we just want you to come travel so we can show you some amazing parts of the world!

If you purchase flight cancellation/trip interruption insurance for your adventure (which we highly recommend) and you need to cancel for any type of medical or family emergency, you may be eligible for full reimbursement.

How our cancellation policy works, is that each payment made is 50% refundable until the next payment is due according to the payment schedule set forth for your specific trip – at which point they become non-refundable. If you cancel after your ticket has been issued, you will incur a Flight Cancellation Fee along with a Free & Easy Cancellation Fee. For more information on each fee please contact us directly.

One thing we want to mention is that if you do cancel, we can move any non-refundable amount that you paid to a future trip with Free & Easy so that you don't lose the money....and the option to join us again is always available!