Travel Free & Easy, Travel Prepared
To ensure each of our travelers are well prepared for their trips we will outline everything you will need to know for your trip. Free & Easy staff will help guide you through any additional preparations, such as covid tests, travel insurance, and booking flights, to help make it's easy to navigate any additional requirements and preparations for entry into each country, and so that your trip to paradise goes smoothly and enjoyably
FnEZ at your Service
We are watching the situation in each country very closely so you can feel confident that we are offering trips only to destinations that have satisfied several key safety measures, and where we have    confidence in our network to ensure safety and preparation, but also still the experience of a lifetime! If an experience is compromised in these times, then we’re making other choices, so we’re flexible and have the knowledge and experience to always provide the best to our travellers.

Entry Requirements

Air Canada has a great website that is always up to date with entry requirements for everywhere they fly. Take a look here.