We encourage people from all over the globe to check out our style of travel and we hope that you choose us to show you around the countries we have come to know and love. 

With regards to flights, if you are flying from within North America but NOT from one of these cities, it might be possible to get you on our regular group departure by connecting the flight from your home city to one of these 3 cities, where many group members will be departing from. If you live in the eastern part of Canada or the U.S. we can usually arrange for you to meet up with other travelers during one of the layovers so that you can fly into your final destination and start your trip together. However, there is an additional charge for this so please contact us for a price from your city.

If you want to join the Free & Easy experience from a country outside of North America and prefer to book your own flights, just choose the 'land package’ option when you register and you can arrange your own flight to meet up with the rest of your fellow travelers. Just make sure that you email us to verify the exact dates of your trip, as we usually have multiple trips departing at one time and we would hate for you to miss anything we have planned at the beginning or end of your adventure with us!  We can also let you know the specific arrival times of your group so you can book flights with a similar arrival time, meet up at the airport, jump on board the free shuttle and start your adventure!