If we were to say that you can expect the best possible travel experience, complete with insight into each country's culture and history while having amazing life-changing experiences with incredible people...would you believe us? I hope so!  Because this is exactly what we offer in each of our adventures! 

Our philosophy is that this is YOUR TRIP. You have the freedom to do what you want and we make it easy! Each trip is a group travel experience with like-minded travelers who are there for the same reason as you: to expand those horizons and experience something completely out of the ordinary. Feel like taking off on your own for a day or two? No problem! Our experienced Adventure Leaders are there to help you plan and organize anything like that.  Our unregimented travel style is as much an individual journey as it is a group experience, so if there is something during your trip that’s at the top of your bucket list don’t hesitate to let us know. We’ll make it happen! 

We’ve done extensive research into all the countries we visit, and we continue to do so to make sure our trips are always fresh and up to date. Has a new, previously hidden cave been discovered in a Vietnamese national park? We're adding it to our trip! We want to take our travelers to the ‘must see’ spots in each country, but we’ll also be heading off the beaten path for some amazing, life changin' adventures!