Each group will have two knowledgeable and outgoing Free and Easy group leaders responsible for showing you the best experiences each country has to offer. These pairings are usually different from trip to trip as our team is continually changing and getting stronger. For example: If your friend did a trip to Indonesia with Justin, he may be busy saving puppies and testing sand somewhere else on the globe now, so don’t expect to have the same leaders as your friends did! 

You will be notified 30 days before your departure date as to who your trip leaders will be so that you can add them as a friend on Facebook and secretly stalk them over the internet until you can actually do it in person. All of our leaders have spent loads of time in the countries they work in and will have answers to most of your questions. As well, they are there to provide you with knowledge regarding the culture and language of the country and what there is to do and see at each trip destination.

The leaders will also help plan group activities depending on what the group wants to do. Whether it’s scuba diving, rock climbing, muay thai lessons, surf lessons, etc...your leaders have been trained by FnEZ, as well as through their own travel experiences, to steer you in the right direction and ensure you make the best choices to maximize the awesomeness of your trip! They are also there to deal with any issues that may arisewhether it’s that the cooler is out of cold beer, you need some assistance stringing a hammock, or maybe you ate the wrong food and are not feeling so hot and need some advice. All of our leaders are experienced in the way of Free and Easyyou can feel confident that they are going to be an essential part of your experience and will probably be your friends for the rest of your life!

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